Character Creation

A few notes to bear in mind while creating your character. First and primarily, though this is a World of Darkness game, it’s not as dark as the normal canon runs. Think more Harry Dresden level of Urban Fantasy games. It’s a world of low light, perhaps, rather than darkness.

Concept wise, all of the Traditions are available as are Orphans and Hollow Ones. Other members of the Disparate Crafts may be selected upon Storyteller approval. Apart from that, please come up with a reason why your character would be at or near a Sci Fi convention. She could be attending, he could have been dragged there by his boyfriend, they may be a vendor, or possibly even just having lunch at a nearby outdoor cafe.

Your character will awaken during the first session, so you will not have access to any of your magic related abilities, including Spheres, Arete, or the backgrounds Arcane, Avatar, Chantry, Demesne, Destiny, Dream, Familiar, Legend, Mentor, Node, Past Lives, Sanctum, Totem, or Wonder, as well as two Willpower points. After the first session, there will be a time jump of approximately one year, giving your characters time to join their appropriate group and learn how to control their new abilities. However, without good reason, your Arete should be no higher than 2 by the end of the creation process. If your concept needs higher, we can discuss.

A Chantry will be given to the PCs to control after the first session. You may pick your own as well if you’d like, but one will be provided for you.

For help with the creation process, you can use the Character Creation Process page.

Character Creation

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